Where you have your Self love hidden

love-yourselfI would like to talk about self love and why you may not be able to explain to me where you have your Self love hidden. First of all you must truly sit down and look at where your Self Love is. Hmmm… think about this, what truly is Self Love? You would think that your Self Love would be at the top of your thought chain. You would be able to give example after example of when and how you show your Self Love to yourself all the time.

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Questions to ask, Choices to make

choices that liberateLast evening in class we began with the homework assignments that the individual students chose for themselves. The main theme was how do you as a god being in the beginning of your lessons know when you are making choices that will support the parameters that you are learning to set up for yourself so you know how to interact with the people in your life. Continue reading

What makes your life easier and easier?

make lifeeasierWhat makes your life easier and easier? The first thing of course is to know and love the parameters that you are living in. Now this can seem like ‘why do I want to love the prison cell that I am living in?’ The secret is to remember you are in total charge of the size and conditions of that so-called cell. I know these words are really extreme yet some of your feelings about your life today are very extreme as well.

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How Shame and Guilt Change the Story

Upset little boyIn class last night the group spoke about the lessons that they were focusing on during the previous week. The main theme was how shame and guilt had prevented them from hearing words of wisdom that would have allowed them to hear truths about their stories much sooner. So I ask you how often, when information comes to you, do you deflect it away because it means you have to look at the choices you made in the past out of anger or fear or guilt?

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Why Share Thoughts and Feelings?

writingindiaryWell last evening while class was in session we spent a lot of time talking about how successful you feel when you begin to truly share your thoughts and feelings. Some of the students shared their experiences and choices they made when they thought that their need was not going to manifest for them and how when that happened they shut down.

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Guiding Your Inner Child

innerchilddrawingWhat is it to be stopped dead in your tracks when your broken inner core keeps popping up? Well is this not the million dollar question? I am talking about these things because as always, I am working on myself, and as I see where I am falling down I figure I should share the learning curve with all of you .

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What is Holding You Hostage?

shame-GWSOne of the most exciting things that happens to you when you begin this trek in earnest is when you begin to feel for the first time the thrill of finding out how an old story was holding you hostage. Yes, hostage!

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