Have fun finding out who the real you is

fun feetSo you are living your life… it is going wonderfully… yet you keep having these emotions that would in the past have you reacting with upsetness. Yet you can recognize it is not the person or persons you are with that is creating the scenario that should have you reacting internally as you are. What is going on?

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Why Doesn’t Instant Gratification Work?!

Once again, I would like to write about instant gratification. There are some that include ‘entitlement’ along with the concept of instant gratification. I do believe that this has becomeĀ prevalent in our young children and young adults.

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The secret to who you are.

As I began to study in the ‘new age’ section of the book store, I was amazed at all these inspirational books that were out there. I would read through them with a hunger for new knowledge. After each book I read I would be so disappointed. They were all saying the same thing. Yet not one of them told me how to find the secret. Continue reading