The only reason you have stressors in your life

stressed-out-tiles-by-Flickr-user-Thomas-HaynieWhen you are learning to use the most valuable tool that you have, evaluating each and every thought you allow to flow through your consciousness, you will at first be nervous about the changes that might occur in your life if you use this tool. Will you still have feelings about those you  love and have in your life?

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Why do we drop our most desired creation?

As I sit in the wonder of what this world can send us, I realize it is our physical experience which is such a wonderful gift. It is there to show us the moment, right now… with no stories attached… just plain and simple expression. It’s the ever present opportunity to ask self: Do you want to go farther in this? Or should you stop and create something new right now? Continue reading

Holding a new energy

There are many levels of understanding, it is like a spiral staircase. As each of us in our individual walk moves forward we have new energies that we must get familiar with. It has to be a conscious effort on our parts to keep in the forefront of our thoughts this new energy. So we can get used to having it be a part of our new existence. Continue reading