Communication is key!

communicationI have been watching and working with couples and I often see when people have stories that have been with them about how they feel about their life before they met the person they choose to share their life with. I hear from both sides how they assume that the other person is the one that should give validation of the things they do in the Universe called their life. I have heard how they share how they would comply with the wishes with the other as though they really cared yet then proceeded to talk the other one into the real way they wanted things to go.

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Look at Your Choices to Change Your Life

Flag and declarationWell we have just had here in the United States our Fourth of July, Independence Day holiday. Everyone gathers together to have cook outs and goes and sees fireworks. It is how we celebrate our independence as a new and growing country. There are many facets to this fine Nation to which people from all over the world come because we have freedoms here that are not seen in many other countries.

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Peace and Joy NOW!

187195_1124443519_8049177_nWhen one desires to walk the path of Universal Truth, what does that mean? How does one walk peacefully, joyfully, amongst those here on this beloved Earth when so many are in turmoil, where there is poverty and unrest everywhere?

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Freedom of choice – without judgement but with evaluation.

Today I am thinking about how to explain the wonders of evaluation vs judgement. When we look at the choices we are about to make… or the ones we have made in the past… we must learn to understand that our patterns, those thoughts and actions (and choices) that we repeat time and time again, are not serving us.

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Mind chatter or Internal dialog

Have you ever known anyone that seems to be able to juggle 10 things at once? Stays calm, collected and cool? Has all the time in the world for you when you pop in and say hello yet, has so many things going on? Not a hair out-of-place. Always is happy with whatever is going on. Do you know any one like that?

I would be willing to bet this person has done loads of internal dialoging. The internal dialoging lets us know exactly how we feel about anything that is going on in our lives. We have really nothing that comes at us out of the blue. Continue reading