Are You Ready?

are-you-readyAs you continue to look at all the tools you can use as you evaluate before you have a physical experience, you are actually preparing ahead of time. How many times, as you are beginning to take control of your life, have you wanted to kick that spirit pillow? As you asked yourself, “Why am I always seeing later what I could have┬ádone before hand?”

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Releasing “truth” to find a new truth

Do you remember what it feels like to have the first burst of a new love in your life? It is that kind of expression you will experience when you truly start putting in the process to understand the reason that, “Self is Necessary” when you wake up in the morning and you can rejoice at the new day that you get to have and experience to the fullest.

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Why have we not recognized we made the Choice that got us Here?

How many of us are shown, from our earliest memories, that we make choices that causes the next physical experience? How many of us, when that physical experience feels really bad, look over the whole event and find where we could… and maybe should have made a different choice. Continue reading