Learn to Acknowledge and Allow the New to Come into Your Life

skyplanetsAs you wake in the morning do you take the time to just stretch and go into your internal self? To take stock with sweet joy of all the things that your heart has been feeling, the creations that you have been thinking about? Take the time as you begin your day to accept the lessons that you have been asking your questions on. Accept the creations, learn to acknowledge and allow the new to come into your life.

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With Changes Comes Change

changingAs you are beginning to truly understand how to use the evaluation process, and you see really wonderful results, you will begin to see this world in such a different way than most others do. You will hear people who you love talking and yet they do not realize that their words reveal they are standing deeply in the ‘less than’. It shows you where the undercurrent lies within their concepts and ideas. It shows you where their fears are about the state of affairs, about what they believe their world is truly like.

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Integrity vs Self Honor

true-selfAs you continue to walk forward you are going to find yourself, time and time again, having to choose from what you consider your integrity, and what I call your internal self honor. This is going to be the hardest shackle for you to unfasten from the choices for your heart only.

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The truth that sets your heart free

autumn-leaves-word-from-the-lordOkay, so now I am saying you are lying, your are lying to your friends, your family, your closest loved ones. Are you blooming mad yet? You should be, you should be mad enough now that come hell or high water you are going to find the truth for you! The truth that sets your heart free from the turmoil that you find yourself in from time to time. Because that is your clue, my sweet and wonderful friend.

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Setting the tone for your day

As you wake in the morning take the time to just snuggle for a bit. Allow yourself this time to connect yourself back to the internal source of your divine essence. Allow the joy to seep into your thoughts, allow this feeling of just allowing the source of love to flow through you. Oh yes you can. For a brief moment you allow yourself the knowing that nothing is harming you at that very moment that you are just languishing in your bed.

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Begin to write a new story

When you look at your life, what is it you see about yourself? No please take some time in the question I have posed here. I have heard people tell me they did not expect, at their age, to be feeling like this about themselves. They are generally wondering why they have wasted time in doing things that did not make them feel successful .

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Holding the NEW while releasing the old

When you are learning something new about yourself, do you take the time to study the old and the new of you? This is a time and space where you will become most creative. As that excitement of learning something wonderful about yourself is swirling around you in the most glorious way.

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Instant gratification is not the art of appreciation…

What was and/or is the reason that we decided to accept instant gratification? I have been pondering this idea. This is hard for me to imagine why we would want instant gratification. Maybe that is because with all the time I have taken to contemplate what my choices and action steps are going to mean to me, I have learned the art of appreciation for the final outcome of any creation that I have happen in my life. Continue reading

How and Why You Cheat on Yourself

Once again I would like to address cheating. I think this is a very important subject. I feel as we as a whole learn to understand how we can see a truth that is lying beneath the social consciousness we can take charge of our lives in a way that has not happened to us before.

There still would be ending of relationships as before but, we could move from one into another without such horrible pain and hatred that seems to go into such things. How is this do you ask? Well… Continue reading