Take accountability and responsibility for each thought

responsible for actionsOkay, a question that has probably crossed your mind is… “If I am not supposed to live in my past stories, because by doing so I am carrying that energy into my future and my day to day life experience, how do I then look at my stories and not get stuck creating the same old energy over and over again?”

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How do you stand up for yourself?

stand up for yourselfI have had a lot of conversations about when you are learning to be in the Universal truth, and how do you stand up for yourself and not fall victim to your emotions and learned behaviors? These are outstanding questions and ones that each and everyone of us that lives on this planet really must learn and understand. It also brings up the question of compromise. How here it means one gets less than the other.

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Putting YOU in the equation

WHOAREYOUWhy is it so difficult for you to make a choice just for yourself when you know it is the very best thing for your life? This is a question for you to look at seriously. How often do we continue on in situations in our lives that we would not consider if it was only about ourselves?

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Don’t ‘fake it’, Just make it!

Have you heard the concept to ‘fake it til you make it’? Well unless you understand the concept of having faith, faking is simply all you end up doing. The way to begin to walk in the Universal Truth and to have internal happiness is to see in your life the changes you really desire to have.

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What webs we weave. Only one thread? mind chatter

I am beginning to understand that mind chatter has a lot of strings attached to it. I have found that it is the voices of my mothers, grandmothers, church elders, teachers, and anyone else that Parented me through their filter system. Those people who do not understand that we have a God guidance system, each and every one of us. We just have to be taught how to allow the internal voice to be the loudest. Why would not those that love and care for us want us to learn and use that system? Continue reading

How I came into my knowings.

Like all of us here I was born. We all are. It is part of the physical experience that we need to have. It would be too great a shock to our make up if we just walked away from the All.

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Simple, Quiet, Truth: Ya Right!

Okay, I am sure there are a few out there who are having these very thoughts. So, I will address my thoughts on this.

The operative word here is Thoughts. Too many people believe that thoughts carry the day. You create nothing off a thought. Well, I take that back, you create fear.

You become depressed, you have stress in your lives. Because you let them go wandering around in your brain until you are ready to go crazy. Then when you cannot stand your thoughts any more you start blaming any and every thing around you, for the cause of all of your woes. Continue reading