Getting to know your thoughts

thoughtsDo you spend time getting to know your thoughts? One of the tools that I use with students and clients is that they should take a look at their random thoughts and just follow one thread and see where it takes them. Now you would think that would be a simple enough act, but do you know that most people cannot take more than 30 seconds on any thought?

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Why “not” instant gratification.

The last time I was talking about instant gratification, I was trying to express how it is such a waste of our time and energy to desire to have things come so quickly. There is such a joy to have as we take the walk to experience something in our lives. To feel every step of the way. Each different and unique feeling as we get closer and closer to our hearts desire. Continue reading

To know we are on track…

As I have been going through the last few days I have had the most profound experience of understanding who I am. I have opened up a door that I will never walk back through in whom and what I am. I, like everyone, have a voice that had such a hold on me. Mine was one that as I walked into my life of teacher,actually held such a tight hold on me I almost made the choice not go any farther. Continue reading