Where Do Your ‘Stuffed’ Feelings Go?

Pushing Away boxWhere do you think it goes? Why do you push away from yourself the very information that would set you free? Yes you, as we all do, have those thoughts in your head that say, “Oh I shouldn’t feel like this” and what do you do… you then shove the feeling away from yourself. Giving yourself all kinds of practical reasons why you should not feel the way you do.

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Finding Safety and Security in Self

Love-YourselfOne of the things that you will need to practice when you are beginning this walk of truth is watching for where you place expectations on someone else. Relying on any specific person or people shows that you have an attachment to that person. Attachments are very harmful for both parties involved.

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Holding the NEW while releasing the old

When you are learning something new about yourself, do you take the time to study the old and the new of you? This is a time and space where you will become most creative. As that excitement of learning something wonderful about yourself is swirling around you in the most glorious way.

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Expanding on an Idea

When I sit here to start writing about this I get such a feeling of “Wow, this is what started to change my life!” At the time could I  have said what I was doing was expanding my life?

I do not think so. When I look back now though I sure can feel that is the very space that started me feeling and understanding the truth. Everyone has the source to do this for themselves. Continue reading