The peace of understanding fills you

golden beachLet’s start with a question that has haunted each of you once you began to question and answer your questions with honesty and openness. When you evaluate why you would do anything before you do so, and then truly critique the experience in the whole truth once you have gone through it…

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To have the fun of physical expression

cat-sees-lion-mirrorWell I just went through a weekend with a wonderful group of women where we have one on one sessions as a group to work on concepts and ideas, beliefs that are putting a block in front of us and removing them to be able to walk free and whole into our daily lives.

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Your Emotional Stories are Sabotaging You

Breaking-self-limiting-beliefsWhen you begin to see that your emotional stories have a direct correlation to how you respond to everyday scenarios, and how they actually sabotage your daily life, you will then understand why it is so important to get your emotional pain out of those compartments.

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The truth that sets your heart free

autumn-leaves-word-from-the-lordOkay, so now I am saying you are lying, your are lying to your friends, your family, your closest loved ones. Are you blooming mad yet? You should be, you should be mad enough now that come hell or high water you are going to find the truth for you! The truth that sets your heart free from the turmoil that you find yourself in from time to time. Because that is your clue, my sweet and wonderful friend.

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Dealing with Combative Feedback

I have found that one of the hardest things for my students to learn to deal with in their lives is combative feedback. I am going to take some time here to really talk about combative feedback so we, in our need to stand up for ourselves, do not become the one that is sending out negative feedback.

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Use Your Feedback Effectively

When you make a choice and you receive negative feedback what should you do about it? The first thing I suggest is look at the choice itself. The problem of negative feedback is you so often get lost in the way the feedback is demonstrated back to you.

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Why do we drop our most desired creation?

As I sit in the wonder of what this world can send us, I realize it is our physical experience which is such a wonderful gift. It is there to show us the moment, right now… with no stories attached… just plain and simple expression. It’s the ever present opportunity to ask self: Do you want to go farther in this? Or should you stop and create something new right now? Continue reading