How to change yourself and your life

How to change yourself and your lifeOnce you begin to see the value of looking at your emotions and learning to use them to eliminate the prejudices that you have about  the choices you are making, then you can truly begin to take charge and start to make choices that have your heart feel ease… not the dis ease that you have learned to cope with.

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My beginning steps to conquer mind chatter

Would it not be nice to have a mind, body and soul that was in harmony and true peace? Even though we are having a valid, prosperous life… not hiding or living where we have no contrast at all to our thoughts and ideas? Do you want to thrive and be happy? Well, then one of the things we must learn to get rid of is the excess mind chatter that always gets in our way of making a fast and decisive choice! A choice made without second guessing ourselves, which is what creates the havoc in our lives. Continue reading