Recognizing the Inner Child’s Voice

Meditation-And-The-Critical-Voice-251x300So hopefully you are now understanding that in your contemplation of your life you look inward not outward. What I am talking about is really instead of looking at why someone else did something to you to hurt your emotions, you must begin to ask yourself questions about why you feel the way you do about the interaction that you are feeling bad about.

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Peace and Joy NOW!

187195_1124443519_8049177_nWhen one desires to walk the path of Universal Truth, what does that mean? How does one walk peacefully, joyfully, amongst those here on this beloved Earth when so many are in turmoil, where there is poverty and unrest everywhere?

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Does ‘positive thinking’ really change our life?

When I began to understand the idea that emotion was an energy, like the energy that moves the earth on its axis, I was blown away by how we can hurt ourselves and not even know it. Once I got over that and got up off the floor I began to see that I could learn to harness and use that same energy to change my world. Yes, I said , ” I could change my world.” I have done that very thing. How did I do this? The first thing you have to do is… Continue reading

Peace is Possible

I have been sitting here contemplating what it means to have a new awareness come to me. I know as I get close to a new insight that is going to change my whole outlook on life I can feel wonderment and an excitement begin to fill my whole body. It is as if I was a radio and finally the tuning knob is so very close to the right spot. I have a lightness to my mind and the thoughts that are coming to me.

The past enlightenments  have shown me that my life is changing and for the better. That opinions that I have held in the past no longer hold me hostage from what the Universal truth is about. I have studied the works of sages before me. I see that my walk is one that has  been walked before, even though there are many times that I feel very alone. For when I speak it is as if I am speaking a language not of this earth. Continue reading


OPINIONS… We can have them, are we to share them?

It has come to me through my studies, that even when asked, it is not wise to share our opinions. They are really not wanted. Opinions, I have found, are just for ourselves. Opinions just show us where our beliefs are.

Beliefs are just the stories that we write and play in here on this earth. Philosophic minds through the ages have always proclaimed that this is a theatre upon which we are the playwrights; That the whole world is a stage on which we stand. So we must look at our stage, the character at which we play. Our opinions show us that very thing.

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Wow, expansion, what does it feel like????

When I began my journey on awakening to the truth of this Universe, I can say that expanding was not always what it was cracked up to be. I read lots of self-help and spiritual and even new age books. Yet, when I began, it only felt like my life was falling apart even more than what I had believed it to be.

Yet for some reason I had the fortitude to keep going. I am so very glad that I did. Throughout the years of the dedication that I gave myself, which I can only describe as a yearning even when I felt so bad, all I wanted was to give up. Really just give up the ghost so to speak and go back home. Continue reading

Once we find out what to do!

I was so excited as I began to see that I could re-write a story in my life. So what does this mean to me? This means that I go to the core of who I am. Then I look at what I have said about the things that have happened to me. I take a very personal attitude about this. We can claim…… Continue reading

How I came into my knowings.

Like all of us here I was born. We all are. It is part of the physical experience that we need to have. It would be too great a shock to our make up if we just walked away from the All.

By being born we slowly eliminate the amount of the all that we are in. We must become aware of how different the energies are here on this plane. Continue reading

Do we have knowings?

What allows some to have information about this earth plane and others not? What makes some of us stand so strong in believing in a spiritual world; Other than what a religious foundation is willing to express for every one. Just mystical beings that never seem to be alive while we are?

How do we get in touch with that mystical being that I know resides in each and every one of ourselves. I have no doubt that all of us on this earth has an ear for our internal truths. Why do some of us hear it so easily while others struggle over such mundane experiences? Continue reading