You must keep walking your way to that new desire

questions-featureOkay let’s talk about when you are holding an energy for a creation and you can see it surfacing and yet it is not quite at your fingertips. What do you do to have your dreams come to reality and the most wonderful expression in your life? You are really going to be surprised but the fact is you keep doing what your doing.

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Another process of you taking charge of your life

master-your-mindRecently one of my students was sharing that they were not having the greatest success because they were still not being prepared for a scenario that would happen. As I listened to them I asked a simple question, “Where do you start the evaluation process before a life experience begins?” That question led us to spend most of the evening talking about the importance of understanding and using the evaluation process… and to learn the wonder of sharing. I am not talking about the surface things you do like going to the grocery store. I am talking about those passing thoughts that come to you, whether it is a thought that brings pain to your heart, like when you’ve had a thought someone you loved is going home to the 5th dimension, or that there is a big change coming in your life.

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Are Your Thoughts Supporting the New You?

coneflower_framedWhen you are looking at the things in your life that you want to make a change to, begin by asking yourself when you first walked away from your dreams. Each of you have a place where you had dreams of what you knew you wanted to experience while you were here. You must begin by asking yourself what, in your deepest part of your heart, did you know was going to be the one factor that would get in your way.

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Experience – the platform that holds the lesson

Experience-White-cherry-flowers-on-sunny-backgroundHave you ever felt like you are not listened to or not heard? Have you been in old relationships and then started new ones and they were wonderful and exciting and then you find yourself feeling the same way? Or perhaps you have a fear of creating the very same kind of relationship of not being heard or appreciated? Are you working on a long standing relationship and find yourself back to square one?

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No one can argue with someones simple truth

There is no greater conflict than the one between your intellect and your dreams. This is where you set aside what you know to be true for your internal well being. Why would anyone walk away from their true source of peace and happiness? Yet, you did and you are doing so each and every time you choose counter to your internal self and knowing.

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DOUBT – how it stops our creation

When one sits in doubt, what can we do to step out of it as quickly as possible so we do not wander too far from our hearts desire?

I know this to be the greatest killer of all dreams, hopes, and desires. As we sit on the verge of seeing our creations come to completion, if we could just begin to see this is where we lose heart. This is when we are weary and we have been working hard at the physical part of the completion of our dreams coming true. Continue reading

Dreams – do we use them to their fullest intent

When I first started many, many years ago now, I started working with dreams and I interpreted them for people.

There are Universal symbols and those that Doctors and psychologists use and I am not going to get into that sort of thing. What I am going to get into is that you should begin your own dictionary of symbols. Why? Well, because there are so many interpretations out there. Continue reading