Open Your Heart to Joy Each and Every Day

be-still-1I have been writing about self for some time now and it is with the deepest and most profound love for me and for you that I spend the time in contemplation to have a forum to share with each and any one that is truly on the path of change .

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The walk to your heart

yourheartWhen one talks about communicating does that mean with others? Does that mean with one’s self? Does that mean with the all encompassing Universe for all the answers one could ever hope to have answered?

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Do Unto SELF first!

takecareofselfWhat does it mean to find the inner you? Does this mean to you that the time has come to look your fears in the face and ask, “Why am I continuing this self abuse?” The hardest thing to wrap your thoughts around is coming to the place where you see that you are the only one responsible for the choices of staying anywhere that you are not happy.

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My Purpose in Life is Joy

joy-with-whiteI have often contemplated upon why our religious teachings began to take us away from the truth. It did not seem fair to me that the truth was not at our disposal. That the truth of how to love, how to fill our daily needs, how to grow in spirit, how those simple God given rights were very quietly taken away from us.

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1,2,3 Choose… YOU!

Why do we have conflict with our choices about how we are going to live our lives? If you are in any way feeling unhappy about anything in your life at all you are in conflict with your choices. That is the problem right there.

You do not recognize that by not seeing that each and every choice you make compounds the choices that you made prior to the choice in this now. We so want to deflect from our hearts the emotions that make us sad, so we have a tendency to jump over those emotions and try to bury them deep down inside. Continue reading