What is your style of life?

livingWhen you are working on having your creations, the style of life, or those special things that you have always wanted to experience, and you seem to keep missing it by just a smidge do you ask yourself why? I know for a very long time I spent lots and lots of hours learning how to be positive, and then wondering why the things that I felt should be my experience never seemed to touch me for very long. I did get to touch some of the successes I desired or I think I would have given up. Then I began to realize that if I wasn’t willing to make the changes that were really sitting in my heart about the world that I lived in I sure would not be able to even feel the world I wanted to have and experience .

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A Soul On the Line

line-in-the-sandSo as I was sharing earlier, when you feel numb and simply do not see the glory of the world around you, what you are really feeling is the separation from your true god source. Scary? Well it should be. You are at a crossroads. Will you be making the choice of getting back into the connection and the path you chose before you were born?

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Discipline is required for change

disciplineI would like to talk about the one thing that can destroy any and all relationships and the most important one is the one with yourself. Yes you knew I was going to bring this back to you. Have you ever had a discussion with someone and it always seems to come back to you? When that happened did it make you feel like you were going crazy? Or it does not matter what you do or say it always seems to come back to how the choices you made were wrong?

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What are you telling yourself?

the-worst-lies-are-the-ones-you-tell-yourself1I have spent the last couple of weeks talking about the difference between talking and communicating; sharing many facets of how you talk to fill space in the air around you vs really having a communication with others which in turn is the process of allowing yourselves to hear the thoughts that are going on within your own minds.

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Magnetic Loops

infinityloopToday let’s talk about how it takes work and discipline when you have been riding a high of your concepts and ideas working and working well for the first time in your life. You feel like you have it. You understand the new way of feeling and thinking, you are making changes in your life and then all of a sudden… things begin to not come out like you felt they should. More and more it seems you have things happening for you but oops, not all the way… or almost but, yet, ohh no… there it goes… slips out of your fingers.

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Detaching from Mind Chatter – do you have the courage to do so????

Now I have begun to understand that there are many threads that hold this mind chatter intact. It takes dedication and discipline to finally overcome what generations of parenting has done to all of us. As you begin to understand one line of the threading that has your mind binding itself up, then two or three more concepts creep out as we begin to untangle. So, you can see how difficult it can be when we finally do want to take charge of ourselves. Not to mention the rest of the world still wanting to see you in a way that tries to bind you .

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How I came into my knowings.

Like all of us here I was born. We all are. It is part of the physical experience that we need to have. It would be too great a shock to our make up if we just walked away from the All.

By being born we slowly eliminate the amount of the all that we are in. We must become aware of how different the energies are here on this plane. Continue reading