Real Change Requires Real Truth

postit2Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and watching someone else’s life and wanting a do-over on your own? Well, what do you think a do-over would entail? I feel that is probably right where most of you would decide all was lost and would give up. Why do you think I would say that?

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Holding On to the Real Me!

What do we do when we have lots of feedback from our loved ones telling us to STOP CHANGING?

This is a question that I have been forced to look at every time I begin to come to a new understanding for myself. It seems that those closest to me all want to come at me for different reasons. They panic, they want to know why I have to change. They claim things were good as they were. They whine about not being able to make me happy. They say, “I do all these things to change and you are just never happy!” Well I would like you to think about something please. Continue reading

Is this world really as we see it?

If we could see this world in a different light would we be willing to live differently? When we are caught in our every day lives, do we believe that we can start over and change every thing about our selves? Well that is the very thing that I have spent the last eighteen years working on with my clients.

First, take stock of what it is that you want to change. The next thing that I work on with my clients is how they have made the choice to feel about their lives. This is where we trip ourselves up. We allow our egos to take charge and infect our every day thoughts and emotions. Continue reading

“Do I know my story has changed?”

What happens in our lives that let’s us know that by changing our stories we are now on the right track? The answer is so different for each and every one of us. This is why when we go outside of ourselves for validation we are getting advice that does not quite fit our story.

I have found that our life itself tells us exactly where we are standing when we begin to change our stories.

What I mean by this is we are each different, even if slightly. We are because each one of us feels differently about all things.  We may agree with one another but that does not mean we agree fully. That means we are all in different degrees of understanding. Continue reading

Once we find out what to do!

I was so excited as I began to see that I could re-write a story in my life. So what does this mean to me? This means that I go to the core of who I am. Then I look at what I have said about the things that have happened to me. I take a very personal attitude about this. We can claim…… Continue reading