On the true path of Self

be_yourselfOne of the things that I have always asked my students and clients to do is to journal each day. I share that by doing this you will begin to see how your free thoughts show you how you randomly think about the world and people around you. This is very important when you need to start finding where your learned behaviors are sabotaging your everyday life and the creations that your heart is feeling.

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Another process of you taking charge of your life

master-your-mindRecently one of my students was sharing that they were not having the greatest success because they were still not being prepared for a scenario that would happen. As I listened to them I asked a simple question, “Where do you start the evaluation process before a life experience begins?” That question led us to spend most of the evening talking about the importance of understanding and using the evaluation process… and to learn the wonder of sharing. I am not talking about the surface things you do like going to the grocery store. I am talking about those passing thoughts that come to you, whether it is a thought that brings pain to your heart, like when you’ve had a thought someone you loved is going home to the 5th dimension, or that there is a big change coming in your life.

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Does your undercurrent leave you falling short?

undercurrentLast night my class and I spent most of the time discussing and learning how to recognize those underlying currents that surface just when you want your creations to come to you and how you will know, by the fact that no matter how hard you try to have a creation come in you are only receiving maybe up to 75%. Has that happened to you? What do you say to yourself when that happens? Can you sit and write down right now how many times that has happened to you?

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Peace and Joy NOW!

187195_1124443519_8049177_nWhen one desires to walk the path of Universal Truth, what does that mean? How does one walk peacefully, joyfully, amongst those here on this beloved Earth when so many are in turmoil, where there is poverty and unrest everywhere?

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Watching and seeing the quiet bully within

Of course we had to come to this point where, if we are seeing the bully around us or those that bully us, it really does mean that we can lovingly see that we might… at one time or another… have been the bully as well. Or perhaps we are still the bully.

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DOUBT – how it stops our creation

When one sits in doubt, what can we do to step out of it as quickly as possible so we do not wander too far from our hearts desire?

I know this to be the greatest killer of all dreams, hopes, and desires. As we sit on the verge of seeing our creations come to completion, if we could just begin to see this is where we lose heart. This is when we are weary and we have been working hard at the physical part of the completion of our dreams coming true. Continue reading

What is an undercurrent and can we really get rid of them?

As I work with clients I am going back and trying to learn words that will help dislodge the undercurrents that seem to get in the way of a true student that desires real changes in their lives. It is not as easy as one would think. I have watched wonderful, kind people struggle with changing an idea or an opinion that has kept them hostage in an old way of life.

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Desire, Need – are they the same thing?

My students and I have been working on the terms DESIRE and NEED.  I often hear things like, “My desire is to have this in my Life. My needs are never being met.” So we have begun to spend time on studying these terms. You would think that this would be a simple concept to understand and then incorporate in one’s life. Yet weeks later, here we are still working on these terms and how they affect our lives intimately . Continue reading

coping with everyone in our lives.

When you have those days that you just want to lie down and give up what do you do? What can we do to relieve the stress of children, bills, work, spouses? Of traffic on a crowded highway, when there is no movement at all and the guy behind you thinks beeping his or her horn is going to make the cars move magically in front of you.

Can you and do you take these things in stride? Or do they drive you instantly into wanting to scream and tear your hair out. Continue reading