Come to love yourself

FLYOne of the things that I spend a lot of time working on with my students and  clients is that once you begin to start communicating with yourself and others and for the first time you are feeling the effects of that communications, you can get hit by emotions when people do not recognize that you are trying to reunite with old friends and family. Because you have had stories that you have used to keep you from participating with your loved ones they have gotten used to a certain kind of behaviour from you.

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Happiness as our gauge

happiness9-aristotleI know that when you decide it is time to have joy in your everyday world, the possibility of it becoming a reality is really here for you to enjoy. If anyone has the drama for pain and suffering that I have had, please know I’m speaking to you, too. It was that deep pain from being raped, not only my body, but my young mind… by those who I felt should protect me, that could have left me stuck in misery and hopelessness. Yet that is not what happened.

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Real Change Requires Real Truth

postit2Have you ever found yourself waking up in the morning and watching someone else’s life and wanting a do-over on your own? Well, what do you think a do-over would entail? I feel that is probably right where most of you would decide all was lost and would give up. Why do you think I would say that?

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To Live Is To Learn

One of the greatest gifts that I have learned is that to experience life is to learn that you can do no wrong. You can decide if the choices that you’re making feel good; You can learn that you must take care of yourself first. You can learn, by taking care of yourself, that the good that comes into your life can spill over to the ones you love. Continue reading

How do we walk away from our History?

First of all we really have to look at ourselves. We must decide what history is to ourselves.

History can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Do we not fight wars over peoples history? What would happen if one day we woke up and decided that enough anger, mistrust, angst, hatred, sorrow, had been used? What would happen to us as an individual or even as a group of people if we said, ‘enough is enough’? Continue reading

CHOICES “Why do we get so Angry!”

When I last blogged I was speaking about being aware that we are making choices when we decide not to make a change.  We are allowing things to stay as they are. Yet we get mad at the scenario. When our attention is focused on  this fact, if our emotions do not prevent us from seeing the truth of this, we could even laugh. We have when we are discussing others situations. Not so when it is our feelings on the line.

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To Be Ok with the choice not to “Change”

In my last post I was speaking about being angry and frustrated about not making the choice of changing your scenario. I have spent much time with my clients about this very thing.

We must accept the idea that we get to make the choice not to change. We should spend a lot of time on the reasons we are using to keep us in the place that makes us so angry.  We need to understand that we get to make the choice to stay where ever we are. We must also remember that we then can not blame the others in the scenario over the choice that we will not change. Continue reading