Embrace Yourself!

embrace-yourselfI teach my students about a concept called tear down. When I share this I share that you have cycles in your year. When I first begin to teach you these cycles I teach that there are seven cycles in each year and there are fifty-two days in each one of the seven cycles.

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Allowed to challenge ourselves

When I first found information of the nature that we do not die, that we are on a cycle of creations from different planes, that gave me peace. I had to walk a long time and experience many different concepts and ideas before I could come to a place where I could stand up for my peace of mind.

We must learn that we will find physical proof for whatever we believe in. That is exactly how this plane was created to function.

We have the abilities, all of us, to create any and every thing that we need to have for a physical experience to the fullest. Continue reading