Does your undercurrent leave you falling short?

undercurrentLast night my class and I spent most of the time discussing and learning how to recognize those underlying currents that surface just when you want your creations to come to you and how you will know, by the fact that no matter how hard you try to have a creation come in you are only receiving maybe up to 75%. Has that happened to you? What do you say to yourself when that happens? Can you sit and write down right now how many times that has happened to you?

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Changing your life requires YOU to change

changelife-changeheartHow do you maintain these new concepts of communication? You can see the benefits of communicating with yourself because you are seeing real changes in your world, yet there are still hiccups. Why do you think it happens that when you are trying to express the truth about you the feedback that you get is of mistrust or anger or frustrations or any and all of those emotions that create so much havoc with your heart?

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What do you need?!?

whatdoyouneedAgain I would like to talk about losing out on a creation that you have a great need for. At the same time you are asking me to describe for you what a need is. I do have to say that question does take me back a bit. I have had to sit back and contemplate on how to describe for others what their needs should feel like and how they can know that it is their need when I am explaining to them what their need is.

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Are your very words working against you?

words-matter-logoI would like to talk to those of you that have tried ‘positive thinking’ your way into having your creations. Have you had success each and every time? No? Well there is a reason for that. Yes, you are not feeling the same positive that you are trying to think.

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When It’s Time to Walk Away

happiness_CharlieBrownAs one walks into their new creations and it is a major change in your world it is sometimes very easy to get lost in the chaos or the breaking of the old mold. Sometimes you may tell yourself to break the mold you have to walk away from everything and everyone that has been in your world. I am here to say you do.

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DOUBT – how it stops our creation

When one sits in doubt, what can we do to step out of it as quickly as possible so we do not wander too far from our hearts desire?

I know this to be the greatest killer of all dreams, hopes, and desires. As we sit on the verge of seeing our creations come to completion, if we could just begin to see this is where we lose heart. This is when we are weary and we have been working hard at the physical part of the completion of our dreams coming true. Continue reading

Joy is not possible with doubt lurking in our minds.

I have also found that my doubts about my ability stand the very most between me and my glorious joy. It stands in the way of my most wonderful creations. It is doubt, yes!

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Why “not” instant gratification.

The last time I was talking about instant gratification, I was trying to express how it is such a waste of our time and energy to desire to have things come so quickly. There is such a joy to have as we take the walk to experience something in our lives. To feel every step of the way. Each different and unique feeling as we get closer and closer to our hearts desire. Continue reading