Learn to Acknowledge and Allow the New to Come into Your Life

skyplanetsAs you wake in the morning do you take the time to just stretch and go into your internal self? To take stock with sweet joy of all the things that your heart has been feeling, the creations that you have been thinking about? Take the time as you begin your day to accept the lessons that you have been asking your questions on. Accept the creations, learn to acknowledge and allow the new to come into your life.

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Where Do Your ‘Stuffed’ Feelings Go?

Pushing Away boxWhere do you think it goes? Why do you push away from yourself the very information that would set you free? Yes you, as we all do, have those thoughts in your head that say, “Oh I shouldn’t feel like this” and what do you do… you then shove the feeling away from yourself. Giving yourself all kinds of practical reasons why you should not feel the way you do.

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How Compartmentalizing Your Life Hurts You

compartmentalizationI would like to begin with talking about compartmentalization… how we do it and why we should not do it. It is probably the biggest thing that gets in our way of true understanding of the Universal Truths.

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Self Discipline… can set you free

self-disciplineOne the first things you have to really do for yourself is come to a place where you take the accountability for the truth that you really desire to have change. That is what is going to hold your feet to the fire when it starts getting a little hard for you. Why do I say this? Because if you really desire to have the joy in your everyday experience then you will have to constantly remind yourself that it has been you who started this walk to the truth and that it is going to take your diligence to remember this when others tell you that you should be happy with what you have and stop reaching for the stars. The stars that set your own heart free.

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Say YES to change!

say-yes2Why does it seem when you think you have a handle on your life, you have a direction and you feel good about the direction you are going and the choices that you are making, you wake up one day and all holy hell has broken loose in your life?!?

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Desire, Need – are they the same thing?

My students and I have been working on the terms DESIRE and NEED.  I often hear things like, “My desire is to have this in my Life. My needs are never being met.” So we have begun to spend time on studying these terms. You would think that this would be a simple concept to understand and then incorporate in one’s life. Yet weeks later, here we are still working on these terms and how they affect our lives intimately . Continue reading

Finding my Passion for myself.


This subject is so fascinating for me. I found in the dictionary 12 definitions of passion. Yet they did not seem to touch on the quest of Passion for self. I think it is the kind of passion that you read in story books. The quest that damn near kills you before you get to the end.

Do you have to have a near death experience to come to an understanding to look for passion? I do not think I have had a near death experience. So, does that leave me out of the running to find how to create for myself in the very center of myself,  the core of me, through passion??? Continue reading

Walking with the old Self

As you begin to hear whom you are, you can begin to feel the reason that you are experiencing the things you are in the physical sense.

As I have spoken before, there is a time that you will have to mourn for your inner self. We then must begin to look at the following – do we have the courage to begin standing in peace and love for our selves? Continue reading