You Have a Divine Guidance System. Are You Using It?

followyoursoulYour knowings have always been in your life. They are simply here for you to prepare yourself for the awakening of your divine spirit to walk with you openly here in this wonderful expression on the place called Earth. You have been asking for a clear and concise way to walk here in a day to day expression without worry, fear, or stress. You have been asking to have love in your life .

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Be willing to open your heart once again to love

Once I began to realize that I made the hole that my heart fell into; that pain so deep I could not breathe was of my own making, I had to take a deep breath and feel the hurt. I had to be willing to talk about that hurt. I had to be willing to open my heart once again to love. To a love that was just for me. Did I fall down? Yes, I did several times. Yet, I never gave up on myself again. I did get mad at myself for falling down. Continue reading

Our Choices and Mind Chatter.

As we begin to see that so many of our choices are made under duress, it seems a daunting chore to find ourselves. We have convinced ourselves that there are so many reasons why we should not make choices for ourselves alone. So many that I would like you to send me several of your reasons and I will show you how you got there and some of the things you can do to get back to the real happy you!

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How would you change your Life??????

How would you change your life? Are you willing to look at your life and really let go of the story that has made you sad? Are you ready to take just one small step and see where it has brought you? Not look ahead where it could take you, but simply where you are after just one small step. This is the very way to change your life right this very moment. Do you have the courage to do this simple task? Continue reading

What about this World around us?!!!!

We are all living in this world and so many things are going on around us… volcanoes, earthquakes, bad weather, friends around us, our families, everything seems to really be taking a major hit. How do we keep ourselves on track? How do we keep our heads above water? What does it mean to find an inner peace that holds us in an embrace that keeps us safe and loved as this goes on around us? Continue reading

Wow, expansion, what does it feel like????

When I began my journey on awakening to the truth of this Universe, I can say that expanding was not always what it was cracked up to be. I read lots of self-help and spiritual and even new age books. Yet, when I began, it only felt like my life was falling apart even more than what I had believed it to be.

Yet for some reason I had the fortitude to keep going. I am so very glad that I did. Throughout the years of the dedication that I gave myself, which I can only describe as a yearning even when I felt so bad, all I wanted was to give up. Really just give up the ghost so to speak and go back home. Continue reading