Only Your Scale Leads to True Evaluation

Only Your Scale Leads to True EvaluationWhy do you think that it is so hard to know when you are supposed to get your needs met? This is a conversation that I have with each and every person I am working with. What is it about the beliefs, opinions, and social consciousness that puts you off of having your internal and external needs met?

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What is Communication?

What is communication? I have looked at this concept for some time. I think most would say that it’s easy when we talk to each other. I have found that not to be the case. I have found that there are many ways in which we can communicate to one another. I have also found that talking to someone does not guarantee that any form of communication is actually going on.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that just because we think we are talking directly to someone does not mean that even if it seems you have their full attention that you do. Continue reading

The idle chatter within ones brain.

The more I work with my students the more I realize that the greater the stress or struggle one is going through the less they can hear the very things that would bring them peace. True peace that would bring them the life they are asking for. How do I know this? Well let me try to explain what mind chatter is.  Continue reading

Feelings – dealing with ours and others too?

I think dealing with feelings is a conversation that we have all looked at. Yet we seem to fail miserably at working this out.

If we stand up for our own feelings then we  worry about the other person. We have always been told we are to share, help, do unto others, etc. Yet I believe it is this very idea that gets so many of us lost. Continue reading

Putting up Walls

I have had  a very interesting conversation with a woman today. She had commented that she had consciously put up walls, so that someone would come and tear it down. I commented back that the power actually is in our own hands. We should not expect someone else to come and prove that they are listening to us. Her answer was she was listening but……. Continue reading

Who’s telling the Truth,”Them or Me?”

I think the hardest thing about having true communications with others is not getting lost in questioning what are facts and what is fiction with our stories and other peoples stories.

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Communicating, not just talking at some one!

Have you been ever trying to express your feelings with someone, and they keep trying to throw other issues into the mix? Do you maintain the expressing of your feelings? Or do you get caught up in the side issues?

It is continuing the expressing of your feelings that is communicating. I have seen where that seems to be almost impossible, when you are speaking to someone who wants to keep the story about themselves. I am talking about that person that seems to walk around with, “I knew it was going to be my fault!”.

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Questions we should ask ourselves

We are learning about being a guardian for ourselves. You would think that would be such a simple task for oneself. Yet, how often do we really take the time to question ourselves about the choices we are making in each and every now? Continue reading