What are you telling yourself?

the-worst-lies-are-the-ones-you-tell-yourself1I have spent the last couple of weeks talking about the difference between talking and communicating; sharing many facets of how you talk to fill space in the air around you vs really having a communication with others which in turn is the process of allowing yourselves to hear the thoughts that are going on within your own minds.

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The Sequence of Steps to Creation

one_step_at_a_time_poster-In my last post I began to explain about Knowings. I would like to continue in this blog with more information about knowings and how we can begin to take charge and know for certain we are the one’s in charge of the changes.

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Emerging as a New Person.

I have noticed with my students that they are really happy about becoming a new person when they first begin. Then there comes a time when they think they have to start giving up things. Then the emerging becomes one of the biggest struggles of their lives. How to overcome the fear and strife that comes with the misunderstanding of change in ones life. Continue reading

Why do we need to find ourselves?

This is a very interesting subject. I would like to think that each and every one of us wishes to always make a change in our lives for the better. The ability to push our own boundaries¬†is probably the most difficult, as it comes with the contrast of someone or something we don’t desire so we can see if we come to the complete change that we desire. Continue reading

This Moments Truth…..

Until we learn the Universal Truths, and what that means, we must look at the fact that our truths change.

As we go out into the world, the work place, the places that we socialize, if we do not take into account that our beliefs are going to be challenged, and so they should, then we start blending and jumbling up our truths.

We begin not seeing what we should have let go of and what we should keep. Continue reading