When I changed my heart about how I felt about me

LOVINGMEHave you found that there are days that when you are doing your evaluation of the things that are bugging you that you want to pout and say, “Why me?” Well I do remember asking myself that very thing. I would be going over the things that I needed to change about how I was responding to my world, the interaction with my husband and children, and like all of us I was trying very hard not to blame him or the children for what was making me mad at the time.

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Make a Decision

Make a DecisionTo repeat what I said in last week’s post, We are of the Divine Universal Love... It does not have to be hard, we do not have to stay lost and as we walk in the truth of this most glorious world we still can have all the sweet joys of playing here and doing the very things we love to do without having those attachments that pull us away from the core truth that we are of the divine love of the Universe and it is only that we have forgotten that.

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Walking in Internal Truth?

When one chooses to truly walk the path of Universal truth one would assume there are many things in our physical life that we would have to give up. That was my understanding as a small girl going to parochial school learning about all the stories in the old testament.

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Peace is Possible

I have been sitting here contemplating what it means to have a new awareness come to me. I know as I get close to a new insight that is going to change my whole outlook on life I can feel wonderment and an excitement begin to fill my whole body. It is as if I was a radio and finally the tuning knob is so very close to the right spot. I have a lightness to my mind and the thoughts that are coming to me.

The past enlightenments  have shown me that my life is changing and for the better. That opinions that I have held in the past no longer hold me hostage from what the Universal truth is about. I have studied the works of sages before me. I see that my walk is one that has  been walked before, even though there are many times that I feel very alone. For when I speak it is as if I am speaking a language not of this earth. Continue reading

Does the soul have a history?

Wonderful question for thought. Does our soul have it’s very own history? Well, just with my own knowing I would say it does. I have too many memories that would not have come from my life now. Which got me to contemplating the question… does this history affect our lives as we live them today? Continue reading

Walking with Grace, through everyday life

One of the things I spend a lot of time contemplating about is ‘how do I walk through my life while all that this world can throw at you seems to want to knock me down?’

When I am in my personal environment with my favorite music on, I love candles burning and incense going, my personal space is very harmonious.

When just one other person comes into that space the vibration changes dramatically. Yet, holding ones own happy and safe place is what we have striven for. What generally happens when this other person comes into your vibration? Can you hold the integrity of self? Does our vibration get buffeted and battered like on a windy day with a kite. Continue reading

Benefit or Detriment

In my last blog post I was talking about the fact that we have a feeling first and then it is followed by a thought. It is then up to us to decide if we are going to acknowledge the feeling and then what are we going to do with the information. Yes, each and every moment you are deciding on what to do with your life. Continue reading