Stand in the Integrity of Your Self

integrity_compassWhat does it mean to stand in the¬†integrity of your self and the Universal Truth? This question can be answered in so many different ways… almost as many ways as there are people on this planet. In fact, that is the very essence of this wonderful lesson. There is an individual walk for each and everyone of us.

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My Purpose in Life is Joy

joy-with-whiteI have often contemplated upon why our religious teachings began to take us away from the truth. It did not seem fair to me that the truth was not at our disposal. That the truth of how to love, how to fill our daily needs, how to grow in spirit, how those simple God given rights were very quietly taken away from us.

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What IS Your Story?

One of the things I have noticed with a lot of the people I work with is that they seem to not want to study the history and stories that they have told about themselves. As I have contemplated on this idea, I of course have looked back at my own study of myself.

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Watching and seeing the quiet bully within

Of course we had to come to this point where, if we are seeing the bully around us or those that bully us, it really does mean that we can lovingly see that we might… at one time or another… have been the bully as well. Or perhaps we are still the bully.

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My continued Journey to find Passion

When I began reading and read about passion, I wondered at the word passion being used. So I started listening to see when and where it was being used. I read it in books of poetry and books of philosophy. I have heard it used in self help books or by training session to improve your productivity in what ever field you are trying to better yourself at.

Yet I do not hear it used in those every day conversations. The ones that we have with each other. We do not talk of the passion we have for our jobs, or children, or even, our spouses, significant others in our lives. I do not even hear many speaking about the passion they feel for their spiritual growth. It does not matter even in how we are going about that spiritual growth. The word passion is not used. Continue reading