Your Quest… Should You Choose to Accept It

quixotic.tilt-at-the-windmills_0Let’s look at a question that will lead you to the discovery of the internal you. Why are you on this quest? When I ask the question and use the term ‘quest’ it is not to have you walk into a fantasy world like Dungeon and Dragon’s, it is for you to begin to look at the truth that this walk to Universal Truth is not just to fix your hurt emotions that you have been storing up since you can remember.

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Only Your Scale Leads to True Evaluation

Only Your Scale Leads to True EvaluationWhy do you think that it is so hard to know when you are supposed to get your needs met? This is a conversation that I have with each and every person I am working with. What is it about the beliefs, opinions, and social consciousness that puts you off of having your internal and external needs met?

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Our ‘truth’ or Universal Truth

truthvstraditionWhen a person is saying to ‘go internal and find the truth’, do we know if that is our truth or the Universal truth? How do we know when we are standing in Universal Truth vs our truths.

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Decision and Creation

decideSo to make a change in one’s life you do what? You wake up in the morning and say I want to be different? Well maybe, but most of the time it has much more to do with not being happy with choices that we seem to be forced to make.

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Learn to Discern

When you are sharing your energy, you must become totally conscious that you are. This is where each and every one of us makes mistakes. Here you are, learning something new about yourself, you feel the power of you growing within you, you are on top of the world… Wow, can this get any better?

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How would you change your Life??????

How would you change your life? Are you willing to look at your life and really let go of the story that has made you sad? Are you ready to take just one small step and see where it has brought you? Not look ahead where it could take you, but simply where you are after just one small step. This is the very way to change your life right this very moment. Do you have the courage to do this simple task? Continue reading

What about this World around us?!!!!

We are all living in this world and so many things are going on around us… volcanoes, earthquakes, bad weather, friends around us, our families, everything seems to really be taking a major hit. How do we keep ourselves on track? How do we keep our heads above water? What does it mean to find an inner peace that holds us in an embrace that keeps us safe and loved as this goes on around us? Continue reading