Look at the world in the wonderment of a child’s eyes

wonderment childI was speaking about how great it is when you begin to see and are able to not be in that knee-jerk reaction as you can feel those emotions that want to make you say things or do things that makes you wonder who the heck you really are. You are now beginning to stand back from that small inner child and the learned behaviours that have you repeating those patterns in your life that frustrate you so much because they have you acting and/or reacting in ways that are truly detrimental to your well-being.

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Changing your life requires YOU to change

changelife-changeheartHow do you maintain these new concepts of communication? You can see the benefits of communicating with yourself because you are seeing real changes in your world, yet there are still hiccups. Why do you think it happens that when you are trying to express the truth about you the feedback that you get is of mistrust or anger or frustrations or any and all of those emotions that create so much havoc with your heart?

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Your God-Given Right

wordleSept5I hope you are as excited about my previous blog post as I was when I came upon these concepts and how they worked. I want you to know that everything I talk about, everything I teach, is totally at your disposable and I shall be happy to share and share and share until you have the knowings to do this for yourself.

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Guiding Your Inner Child

innerchilddrawingWhat is it to be stopped dead in your tracks when your broken inner core keeps popping up? Well is this not the million dollar question? I am talking about these things because as always, I am working on myself, and as I see where I am falling down I figure I should share the learning curve with all of you .

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Don’t ‘fake it’, Just make it!

Have you heard the concept to ‘fake it til you make it’? Well unless you understand the concept of having faith, faking is simply all you end up doing. The way to begin to walk in the Universal Truth and to have internal happiness is to see in your life the changes you really desire to have.

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When Intellect Trumps Feeling

How do you find yourself if you only know how to stand in your intellect and think you are standing in your feelings? This is a question that is not asked of me but I see is clearly the case as I work with a person.

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Can you honestly say, “I have never cheated!”

I have been talking about what I have contemplated on about cheating. Yet, what does that mean to all of us? For as many people as there are on this planet there is half as many again ideas on this subject.

I think that once we begin to look at what is lying beneath our own feelings, we will see that our choices might be something so totally different then what we have claimed in the past. Why do I say this?

I say this because so many times as  I look at things I see that there is a microcosm and macrocosm to all and if I only look at the one side of any issue I only have half of the information to make my choice on. Continue reading

Walking today to change tomorrow

I have seen that one of the hardest concepts for my students and clients to grasp is how to walk today full of grace and knowledge and not have tomorrow be a disaster. This is what I have learned from my journey. I have learned that the very thoughts that hold you captive today lead to what you will  be physically experiencing tomorrow. Continue reading