Are you deflecting the very information that can change your life?

deflectAs class was continuing last night one of the things that we were working more on was how to recognize when each of you begin to deflect from the very information that you have been thinking about. What do I mean by that? Why would anyone walk away from the information that can change their life? Yet, you are doing so each and every day. You are walking away from opportunities that could change the very way you breathe.

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Which Feeling Do I Follow?

As I was working with my class last night we were talking about how do we truly recognize when we have gotten ourselves into a situation that we do not feel good about and how to get out of it.

What I mean is… We know what our feelings are telling us.

Sometimes that feeling is, “No way… we should not be here, we should not be doing this.” Now what? Then is when we must ask, “Was it my internal feelings that I trusted that got me in this mess?”

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