I found the mind chatter

So, I found that to have chatter going on in my mind was always getting in the way. I could not keep my quiet thoughts, the ones that brought me peace, to stay… to comfort me. So I was always feeling scared, full of unrest, worrying about things that I could not change. It made me irritable and crabby and of course I could not take the blame, so as most, I would be mad and unhappy with the wrong people .

How could I find peace and tranquility within my world when I was looking outside my inner world for an answer?

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The Still Small Voice vs. Mind Chatter

Mind chatter, have you ever sat and thought about what that is? Has it ever been so loud that you can hear your thoughts?

I have spent a lot of time myself learning to meditate to get rid of mind chatter. It was the hardest thing for me to learn to do. Meditate that is, I had so many barriers set up. The first of many was the idea that I can not take the time to meditate, too many things I have to do. Continue reading

getting to understand why we allow mind chatter.

I have spent a lot of time on mind chatter because this is the major block to our changing ourselves for the long haul. As I walk in my daily life I look back and remember how just sleeping was such a chore for me. I did not walk in a minute of the day where I was not worrying about how I was going to pay this bill, or what was I going to do about this person and how they acted. I could not spend time in really loving who I was or my life. I was one of those trying to be a  ‘new ager’, of thinking positive. But behind closed doors, I was unhappy and a mess. I knew I was off and could not find the truth.

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The internal chatter we do not even hear.

I have spent lots of hours trying to work with my clients and students about mind chatter. This is probably the most sabotaging work we can do against ourselves. Another way of saying mind chatter is self-destruction. Because of how we hear ourselves talk, we also feel others are saying those same kinds of words. It is really eye-opening as I am listening to a conversation and when hearing each person talk about the conversation they are talking as if two different conversations were going on at the same time.

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Mind chatter, the way not to find yourself.

So now I have begun to show you how we have ourselves really tied up, then let’s add the ‘New Age’ things of being peaceful and quiet. I have looked at this ‘New Age’ concept. It is another way of tying ourselves up in another neat little bow. I know there is just really one way to do this. That is to begin to be the guardian for ourselves. “How is that done?” you ask, well let me begin to explain.

The only way we can make any lasting change is from the inside out. It is the only way anything will stick, the way change will change your life. So, we know from previous blogs that mind chatter is those voices from our past that parented us into walking all over our right of solace from our internal God. Yes, the right we were born with. To have internal solace always . No matter where we are , or who we are with. Continue reading

Detaching from Mind Chatter – do you have the courage to do so????

Now I have begun to understand that there are many threads that hold this mind chatter intact. It takes dedication and discipline to finally overcome what generations of parenting has done to all of us. As you begin to understand one line of the threading that has your mind binding itself up, then two or three more concepts creep out as we begin to untangle. So, you can see how difficult it can be when we finally do want to take charge of ourselves. Not to mention the rest of the world still wanting to see you in a way that tries to bind you .

So why does it feel like we have to give everything up? Why does it feel like all the things we are claiming we want most, we have to let go of? Well, because all of those things must be let go of so we can see how we have attached ourselves to them. Continue reading

What webs we weave. Only one thread? mind chatter

I am beginning to understand that mind chatter has a lot of strings attached to it. I have found that it is the voices of my mothers, grandmothers, church elders, teachers, and anyone else that Parented me through their filter system. Those people who do not understand that we have a God guidance system, each and every one of us. We just have to be taught how to allow the internal voice to be the loudest. Why would not those that love and care for us want us to learn and use that system? Continue reading

My beginning steps to conquer mind chatter

Would it not be nice to have a mind, body and soul that was in harmony and true peace? Even though we are having a valid, prosperous life… not hiding or living where we have no contrast at all to our thoughts and ideas? Do you want to thrive and be happy? Well, then one of the things we must learn to get rid of is the excess mind chatter that always gets in our way of making a fast and decisive choice! A choice made without second guessing ourselves, which is what creates the havoc in our lives. Continue reading