Journaling and Contemplation

journal2What is contemplation? To me it is the one tool that can work in any time of your life… in it’s chaos, in it’s peace. When I journal I really keep in mind the questions that I am trying to learn about. It is what has kept me continuing the passion for life. I have such a deep feeling of each and everyone of us, you and I can be free and happy and sit in joy for this life experience.

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Peace is Possible

I have been sitting here contemplating what it means to have a new awareness come to me. I know as I get close to a new insight that is going to change my whole outlook on life I can feel wonderment and an excitement begin to fill my whole body. It is as if I was a radio and finally the tuning knob is so very close to the right spot. I have a lightness to my mind and the thoughts that are coming to me.

The past enlightenments  have shown me that my life is changing and for the better. That opinions that I have held in the past no longer hold me hostage from what the Universal truth is about. I have studied the works of sages before me. I see that my walk is one that has  been walked before, even though there are many times that I feel very alone. For when I speak it is as if I am speaking a language not of this earth. Continue reading

Chaos and Tranquility can they coexist?

This is an idea that for many years I have been studying. It has been a goal of mine to walk in true peace through all events in my life. I have had my ups and downs in this process.

I can now say that it is very possible to have tranquility within your being no matter what is happening in your outside world. The trick is….. Continue reading

Do we have to let it bother us?

I think a good question to ask ourselves with every scenario that we live through is, “Do we have to let this bother us?” Now there are times when I say to myself ‘yes’, even though I know that is plain silly. Yet I want to stamp my foot and say ‘hey! what about my feelings..’ Continue reading

My continued Journey to find Passion

When I began reading and read about passion, I wondered at the word passion being used. So I started listening to see when and where it was being used. I read it in books of poetry and books of philosophy. I have heard it used in self help books or by training session to improve your productivity in what ever field you are trying to better yourself at.

Yet I do not hear it used in those every day conversations. The ones that we have with each other. We do not talk of the passion we have for our jobs, or children, or even, our spouses, significant others in our lives. I do not even hear many speaking about the passion they feel for their spiritual growth. It does not matter even in how we are going about that spiritual growth. The word passion is not used. Continue reading