Finding Safety and Security in Self

Love-YourselfOne of the things that you will need to practice when you are beginning this walk of truth is watching for where you place expectations on someone else. Relying on any specific person or people shows that you have an attachment to that person. Attachments are very harmful for both parties involved.

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Change, Why Are We Afraid to Change Ourselves

I think that some of the hardest things about changing ones self is when we are challenged by our closest friends and family. It always seems hard when they think we are bluffing and we walk quietly through their bluff and then have circumstances that could change their lives begin to happen.

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getting to understand why we allow mind chatter.

I have spent a lot of time on mind chatter because this is the major block to our changing ourselves for the long haul. As I walk in my daily life I look back and remember how just sleeping was such a chore for me. I did not walk in a minute of the day where I was not worrying about how I was going to pay this bill, or what was I going to do about this person and how they acted. I could not spend time in really loving who I was or my life. I was one of those trying to be a ¬†‘new ager’, of thinking positive. But behind closed doors, I was unhappy and a mess. I knew I was off and could not find the truth.

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How and Why You Cheat on Yourself

Once again I would like to address cheating. I think this is a very important subject. I feel as we as a whole learn to understand how we can see a truth that is lying beneath the social consciousness we can take charge of our lives in a way that has not happened to us before.

There still would be ending of relationships as before but, we could move from one into another without such horrible pain and hatred that seems to go into such things. How is this do you ask? Well… Continue reading

working with grief

Grief – what should we do with it? Each and every one of us are going to one time or another have to experience this feeling. What is the best way to deal with it?

As our world is changing around us there seems to be more and more people that we know who seem to be crossing over to the fifth dimension… or what many term heaven. When you work closely with the fifth dimension you get used to that concept of death because you gain a different understanding of it. But that does not let you off the hook when it comes to experiencing grief. Continue reading

Sometimes the smallest thing makes the greatest difference!

How many times have we had the opportunity to take a baby step, but in our mind we could not see us changing our life structure to accept that baby step. That is the one place that keeps us experiencing over and over again, the life we do not want any longer.

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To begin to see who is in charge of our Passion

Once we can see that we have  total charge of our thoughts and our stories then we can truly begin to re-write our stories and change the process that we used in the past that allowed the thoughts we had about our conditions. Continue reading