How you stand in your spirit within this physical expression

shinebright1In class last night we spoke about how we walk and talk in spirit and forfeit are inner self when we look like we are making decisions that may not be popular with those around us, yet we know that it is the very best for everyone that is involved. How often do you find yourself knowing that something is totally right for you yet you do not follow through with it because of how you think others are going to feel about your choice?

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Take the Time to Find the Truth for Yourself

truth-discoveredThere is only one way to truly find your value, your worth, and the love and joy that you desire and deserve to experience. The acceptance that you take the time to find the truth for yourself. What does that mean… take the time? Those words, ‘take the time’… does that sound like beyond what your life style can handle? Are all the responsibilities that you have accepted weighing you down? So how do you then take back time for the spiritual walk you are embarking on?

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Freedom of choice – without judgement but with evaluation.

Today I am thinking about how to explain the wonders of evaluation vs judgement. When we look at the choices we are about to make… or the ones we have made in the past… we must learn to understand that our patterns, those thoughts and actions (and choices) that we repeat time and time again, are not serving us.

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What brings happiness to me?

To stand strong within ourselves, to learn that all things are lessons, to know that judgment is only something that is here… not a part of the Universal truth. How do I know these things? It becomes apparent when you go within yourself and ask ,”How does this work?, What really is the truth about our world?” When a person really goes within themselves and begins to really want change… change comes.

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What shall we do for now?

I am sure, like myself, you have found yourself wondering, ‘why is my life feeling like it is in a holding pattern?’ Well, if you are in this holding pattern may I suggest you take a deep breath, for in the next second you could find yourself spiraling out into outer space.

Yes, I do mean take a deep breath. Yes I do mean that when we do not take the time to look at our lives and become intimate with them we can find ourselves on the side of a road in the ditch and not know how the heck we got there.  Continue reading

How do we get along with ourselves?

I am asking myself this question because so much of the time we spend looking outside of ourselves claiming that we get along with others. Yet at the same time we are telling our friends, “If this person would just be like this or if he would just change this way, life would be so much easier. Life would be so grand if she was the understanding type.”

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Wow, expansion, what does it feel like????

When I began my journey on awakening to the truth of this Universe, I can say that expanding was not always what it was cracked up to be. I read lots of self-help and spiritual and even new age books. Yet, when I began, it only felt like my life was falling apart even more than what I had believed it to be.

Yet for some reason I had the fortitude to keep going. I am so very glad that I did. Throughout the years of the dedication that I gave myself, which I can only describe as a yearning even when I felt so bad, all I wanted was to give up. Really just give up the ghost so to speak and go back home. Continue reading

Is this world really as we see it?

If we could see this world in a different light would we be willing to live differently? When we are caught in our every day lives, do we believe that we can start over and change every thing about our selves? Well that is the very thing that I have spent the last eighteen years working on with my clients.

First, take stock of what it is that you want to change. The next thing that I work on with my clients is how they have made the choice to feel about their lives. This is where we trip ourselves up. We allow our egos to take charge and infect our every day thoughts and emotions. Continue reading