Parameters in your relationship

the relationship agreementSo, you are in a relationship, and you’re sharing a family, a home, and all the bills and money issues that go along with that kind of a relationship. In this relationship do you feel your happiness? Do you feel that the world is your oyster? The things that you dream about – are they all becoming a reality or are they getting pushed farther and farther back into that very messy closet where all those things you want to do some day but have not gotten to it as of yet are located?

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Stand Up in Truth

One of the things I am noticing about giving opinions is the problem that arises when you are not standing in the truth. I hear so many people who believe that learning to stand up for themselves means being able to say anything that bugs them about anything… and they claim that is the truth and their right of passage.

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Watching and seeing the quiet bully within

Of course we had to come to this point where, if we are seeing the bully around us or those that bully us, it really does mean that we can lovingly see that we might… at one time or another… have been the bully as well. Or perhaps we are still the bully.

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