The Power Within You

power withinWhen you are looking at the changes that you know and feel are right for you, the first place you want to begin is like I was recently saying in my talk radio show… You must always start with the very center of your internal power. By doing so you are taking charge of the power with each and every choice that you are making consciously today. Then to take care and be aware of the choices that you made when you did not stand in the place of power.

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Happiness as our gauge

happiness9-aristotleI know that when you decide it is time to have joy in your everyday world, the possibility of it becoming a reality is really here for you to enjoy. If anyone has the drama for pain and suffering that I have had, please know I’m speaking to you, too. It was that deep pain from being raped, not only my body, but my young mind… by those who I felt should protect me, that could have left me stuck in misery and hopelessness. Yet that is not what happened.

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Stop Running from Your Emotions

Why do you go to someone else to try and get yourself out of trouble? Or worse yet, lot’s of ‘you’s’ trying to get someone else to get a person out of trouble. Let me try and explain: I have been watching how when someone makes a mistake they seem to go to someone else to try to get them out of the mess they are in. Have you noticed this?

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My beginning steps to conquer mind chatter

Would it not be nice to have a mind, body and soul that was in harmony and true peace? Even though we are having a valid, prosperous life… not hiding or living where we have no contrast at all to our thoughts and ideas? Do you want to thrive and be happy? Well, then one of the things we must learn to get rid of is the excess mind chatter that always gets in our way of making a fast and decisive choice! A choice made without second guessing ourselves, which is what creates the havoc in our lives. Continue reading

What about this World around us?!!!!

We are all living in this world and so many things are going on around us… volcanoes, earthquakes, bad weather, friends around us, our families, everything seems to really be taking a major hit. How do we keep ourselves on track? How do we keep our heads above water? What does it mean to find an inner peace that holds us in an embrace that keeps us safe and loved as this goes on around us? Continue reading