Open Your Heart to Joy Each and Every Day

be-still-1I have been writing about self for some time now and it is with the deepest and most profound love for me and for you that I spend the time in contemplation to have a forum to share with each and any one that is truly on the path of change .

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To fully hold the fact that you are the creating god force in your world

looking-at-horizonWhen you are walking in the truth you are going to feel like you are always being tested. For a very long time will say to yourself, “Why me?¬†Why do I always have to understand? Why do I always have to give?” Do you hear these words? Have you felt these words? Yes?

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Why Doesn’t Instant Gratification Work?!

Once again, I would like to write about instant gratification. There are some that include ‘entitlement’ along with the concept of instant gratification. I do believe that this has become¬†prevalent in our young children and young adults.

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Learning to find Joy, undercurrents get in the way!

I would like to share so that everyone can begin to understand and feel the great love that is available to each and every one of us. The sense of wonderment and joy as a stranger walks up and shares with you just a moment in time. Yet how the love felt can change your life in an instant.

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Passion for life

When we wake in the morning, do we smile to ourselves? Are we happy to be here? Can we get up with a true reason to be here? To find a passion that allows us to feel these things should be the only reason we exist. Why, you ask? Well I believe that without our very own will to stand up and smile and be happy just because, why should we stay? Continue reading

Stories: anger-vs-happiness

As I have worked with clients at Life Learning Center of Self I have begun using the term ‘Stories’. My interpretation of this word is our life experiences. As I work with a client we come to a space where an understanding comes that to make choices has always been our right.

Yet not all of us have found a way of being conscious of when we choose something in our lives. As we get to know one another it allows for the discussions on, ” How to recognize even as a small child our choices” for ourselves. Continue reading

Is this world really as we see it?

If we could see this world in a different light would we be willing to live differently? When we are caught in our every day lives, do we believe that we can start over and change every thing about our selves? Well that is the very thing that I have spent the last eighteen years working on with my clients.

First, take stock of what it is that you want to change. The next thing that I work on with my clients is how they have made the choice to feel about their lives. This is where we trip ourselves up. We allow our egos to take charge and infect our every day thoughts and emotions. Continue reading