Questions to ask, Choices to make

choices that liberateLast evening in class we began with the homework assignments that the individual students chose for themselves. The main theme was how do you as a god being in the beginning of your lessons know when you are making choices that will support the parameters that you are learning to set up for yourself so you know how to interact with the people in your life. Continue reading

On the true path of Self

be_yourselfOne of the things that I have always asked my students and clients to do is to journal each day. I share that by doing this you will begin to see how your free thoughts show you how you randomly think about the world and people around you. This is very important when you need to start finding where your learned behaviors are sabotaging your everyday life and the creations that your heart is feeling.

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Watching for self-destructive behavior

stop-self-sabotage-behaviourAs the class was looking at the subject that each one of them decided to put the light on for the past week the main theme that came through was how to see ahead of time how one of your old behaviors can be sneaking up on you as you are interacting with people that have nothing to do with the reason you pulled in the behavior.

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