Communication is key!

communicationI have been watching and working with couples and I often see when people have stories that have been with them about how they feel about their life before they met the person they choose to share their life with. I hear from both sides how they assume that the other person is the one that should give validation of the things they do in the Universe called their life. I have heard how they share how they would comply with the wishes with the other as though they really cared yet then proceeded to talk the other one into the real way they wanted things to go.

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Learn to Acknowledge and Allow the New to Come into Your Life

skyplanetsAs you wake in the morning do you take the time to just stretch and go into your internal self? To take stock with sweet joy of all the things that your heart has been feeling, the creations that you have been thinking about? Take the time as you begin your day to accept the lessons that you have been asking your questions on. Accept the creations, learn to acknowledge and allow the new to come into your life.

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Becoming aware of the thoughts, words, and deeds, that are yours alone

jewel-diamond-taylor-your-thoughts-words-and-deeds-are-painting-the-world-around-youAs you are beginning a new day start it by allowing yourself the moments to accept the creations you are wanting to experience in your life. When you wake up in the morning I suggest that you give yourself the time to really sit in the sweetness of all the things you are now understanding about yourself and how you, and you alone, are accountable for the very experiences you are having.

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The Greatest Form of Communication

self-talkThe greatest form of communication is the communication you have with yourself. .As I have gone through learning about expressing myself so that you can understand and feel and then incorporate what I am writing into practical uses just for your own sense of peace and freedom, I have spent many hours in contemplation on how do you and I learn how to see, walk,  and speak in the Universal Truth.  And of course I came to the understanding of this is all and has always been for the sense of knowing and loving self.

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We can and do live different lives!

In my last blog I was talking about detaching from another persons frame of reference as well as our own. So, I would like to continue there. It is possible to be very happy with the world around you no matter what the life experience is with the people that you share your life with. Yes, it is! Continue reading