What makes your life easier and easier?

make lifeeasierWhat makes your life easier and easier? The first thing of course is to know and love the parameters that you are living in. Now this can seem like ‘why do I want to love the prison cell that I am living in?’ The secret is to remember you are in total charge of the size and conditions of that so-called cell. I know these words are really extreme yet some of your feelings about your life today are very extreme as well.

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The Process for Success

how-math-works-5I have been working in one of my classes and so I would like to share with you some of the questions that seem to predominate in this class.The one thing that is worked on in each class is how to evaluate the experiences you are having so that you can begin to know yourself without hesitation. What I heard was that people need to understand that the process for success, time and time again, is to remember that to be ahead of your life and be in charge you remember to evaluate the invitation, or life experience, in the truth.

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Open Your Heart to Joy Each and Every Day

be-still-1I have been writing about self for some time now and it is with the deepest and most profound love for me and for you that I spend the time in contemplation to have a forum to share with each and any one that is truly on the path of change .

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Walking towards having joy in your heart

victoryToday I would like to talk about how you can lull yourself into thinking that all is well and yet you have not followed all the steps needed to set yourself free. How do you know you have not set yourself free? How do I know you have not set yourself free?

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Rise and Shine!

When waking up in the morning what is the first thing that you allow yourself to begin to think about? These thoughts will give you a clue of where you underlining emotions are sitting.

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Sitting in Joy

As I sit here bringing the peace and tranquility that fills the very essence of my soul I have come to feel that all is possible.

When you sit in the simple quiet of joy, all that your heart desires simply is shown to you. It is, of course, our choice if we are going to use our minds to bring about this quality to our lives. Continue reading