What does it mean when conflict is coming at you?

conflictIt is very important to see how often you deflect yourself from truly hearing your inner truths. When it seems that conflict is coming at you the first thing you can do to defuse the situation is to, with all sincerity, ask a question. Yes, you read that correctly. It is not about defending yourself. Let me tell you why. You will always know when you are sitting in the Universal truth. The reason why is that everyone on this planet will know the minute they hear truth. So remember, if you are being questioned at all it is because you have asked for the understanding of what it is that is on your mind .

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Knowing only YOU are accountable for every thought, word, and deed

Dont-BelieveEach day you are going to want to take a look at the steps you took yesterday. How did you do in your communications with yourself? The way you know is by the interactions that you are having not only with those most intimate with you but how are you also interacting with acquaintances, and with people you are just meeting? How about people you are talking with on the phone or while walking into a gas station?

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Do your choices align with your value?

Values-BalanceWhen you are working on self-value and worth have you really taken the time to see just how much value and worth you truly believe you have and are worth? It is far easier for us to say the words, but your action steps say a far different thing.

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The Power Within You

power withinWhen you are looking at the changes that you know and feel are right for you, the first place you want to begin is like I was recently saying in my talk radio show… You must always start with the very center of your internal power. By doing so you are taking charge of the power with each and every choice that you are making consciously today. Then to take care and be aware of the choices that you made when you did not stand in the place of power.

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What is the #1 lie we tell ourselves?

When we are working on changing ourselves so that we can truly be happy, we must begin by looking at ourselves and where we sit in our opinions and beliefs. Before we go anywhere else we must look at the truth of the beliefs and opinions we currently hold.

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How do we look at Soul depth of History?

I look at history as color bands around our aura; it allows us to recognize from one being to the next the types of study we have done throughout the ages. Those of us who have the same type bands tend to find each other on this earth plane. Our akashic records are stored within the color band.

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Learning about our true feelings not the ones we share with others.

How often do we claim loudly what our feelings are, and then if we take time to really analyze those feelings we find out that is not how we feel at all? Do we as loudly proclaim that we have come to a different understanding? Then do we then stand up for the change by not acting the same old way to the people in our lives??? Continue reading

Who’s telling the Truth,”Them or Me?”

I think the hardest thing about having true communications with others is not getting lost in questioning what are facts and what is fiction with our stories and other peoples stories.

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Beginning To Be In Charge of My Own Stories…..

When we come to this point in our lives we are very excited. Are we ready to change how we look at  the experiences that we have had in the past? To start looking at them as the person that directed how the story begins ? To ask what characters we’re going to put in the plot, the sub-plot and the ending?

We tend to feel that we did not have a choice in the characters in our stories. Yet how would it make you feel to discover that all of the people who you have had in your life were always by your choice. Now, are you going to begin to judge yourself on the choices you made? This is where you can stop yourself before you get lost. Some of us can get lost for years right here. Continue reading