Express to yourself what your needs are

accept responsibilityI am spending a lot of time on the concepts talking to one’s self vs the true form of communications with one’s self. I know you use words that formulate into sentences and you then use these sentences as a form of talking with those around you. Do you get frustrated when those around you either did not hear your talking or they did not understand what you were expressing to them, which then ended up having a misunderstanding between you and them?

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Is it True Happiness or just a Void?

test_tubesThe greatest struggle that we each have in the beginning of wanting to have happiness and change, is that we want to accomplish this within the scenario we are now playing in. Well, I might as well break that bubble right now. Why? Because in any scientific study or test, the scientists know, if you want a change in your experiment you must put different particles or vibrations into the mix to get a different outcome.

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Self Discipline… can set you free

self-disciplineOne the first things you have to really do for yourself is come to a place where you take the accountability for the truth that you really desire to have change. That is what is going to hold your feet to the fire when it starts getting a little hard for you. Why do I say this? Because if you really desire to have the joy in your everyday experience then you will have to constantly remind yourself that it has been you who started this walk to the truth and that it is going to take your diligence to remember this when others tell you that you should be happy with what you have and stop reaching for the stars. The stars that set your own heart free.

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Re-creating Yourself

Life-is-about-creating-yourself-150x150What do choices, stories, truth, love, and life have to do with really changing the course of our own history? These are questions that are asked of me when I have someone new come and begin to work with me about changing their lives.

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Don’t ‘fake it’, Just make it!

Have you heard the concept to ‘fake it til you make it’? Well unless you understand the concept of having faith, faking is simply all you end up doing. The way to begin to walk in the Universal Truth and to have internal happiness is to see in your life the changes you really desire to have.

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Have Compassion for Self

We must decide when we shall have compassion for self.

Compassion is having empathy and understanding for the sufferings of others. I would prefer that we begin to have compassion for ourselves first. We must look at the choices and action steps that we have taken that have brought us to our current state of unhappiness.

We must use that compassion for us first, take the time… and not in the ‘oh woe is me’ energy… but with true love for self that you had the right to make those choices that gave you the experiences that you have had. This is the very place everyone desires to stop soul searching. Yet it is here, when we decide to accept the accountability and responsibility for every and all things that we have experienced, that our lives would change dramatically. Continue reading

What brings happiness to me?

To stand strong within ourselves, to learn that all things are lessons, to know that judgment is only something that is here… not a part of the Universal truth. How do I know these things? It becomes apparent when you go within yourself and ask ,”How does this work?, What really is the truth about our world?” When a person really goes within themselves and begins to really want change… change comes.

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Learning to love self

The more I began to realize that my mind chatter was all the voices that pushed me past my own boundaries as I was growing up, the more I began to see that there was and is a way of unraveling and truly quieting the chatter . There comes a time when the mind chatter fades away all together; Where the only voice you will hear is the one that is the true voice of your internal God essence.

How did I find this out? Well, I cannot say that it is easy, unless you are ready to change. Once that is the walk that a person is taking , you really do learn to hold yourself accountable in a way that always puts you first in any scenario. Some people call this selfish. I have always called it, Self  is necessary. I say this over and over to my clients and students . For without you what is there? Continue reading

Dealing with stress, what does that mean?

I think this word stress is the most used in our vocabulary.  We throw it in without really looking at what the word means to us. Some days we have lots going on so we have this adrenaline pumping. We just have to learn that the adrenaline helps in our jobs when we need to focus on lots of things coming at us. Continue reading