Summon Love For Self

selfhug4When you have been on the walk for awhile and you are learning some amazing things, about yourself and how to maneuver around in the world, and then the wall seems to hit you, and hit you hard, how do you keep your equilibrium?!

There are times like this, even for those of us that have been doing this a very long time. This is when we have to lay low and simply journal, contemplate and breath. It is in not jumping off the deep end while not knowing how to swim, that will keep you safe during your sojourn of gleaning a deeper understanding of where your repeated patterns have gotten you.

I frequently remind the people I work with that it is alright to have a safety net. Yet do not forget why you put it in place! The safety net can become just as harmful to ones Internal well-being as simply ignoring choices that we should be making.

It takes a lot of love for self in this walk of ours, as we separate ourselves from the confines of the thinking of ‘less than’ to the thinking of the Universal Truth. If we are not happy then we are in depleted energy and are setting ourselves up to begin to walk in patterns that do not serve us.

It takes a very strong heart to walk in love and forgiveness of self as you re-walk a path already walked, one that you thought had been understood. When you begin to see patterns from your childhood you will see how you disguised them and are using the very same patterns today in your choices as friends and significant others. It can really be a breaking point for a person’s heart.

However, this is where you do have an edge that you did not have in the beginning. Today you are being truthful with yourself. You are allowing love to be in your heart for your previous choices even as you walk making different and new choices now.

Take the time to allow yourself the walk in joy, quietness and above all Love. There will be times when tremendous energy is needed to accomplish some of your changes. Allow down time for your physical body. Cherish it and feed it. Sleep when you feel the deep tiredness that can creep in when we are working on letting go of what I often refer to as our heaviest ‘ick’. Always continue to walk with questions in your heart, and as you journal it will really walk you through to the end, so you understand the patterns you were beginning to repeat once again.

It is the repeating of an old pattern that really creates havoc with your vibration in the expressions. All you need to do is begin the process of evaluation. In the evaluation process you will see how the pattern, which of course you are allowed to choose, is causing all the unrest and ‘ick’ feeling to your system. Stop choosing that old vibration.

We really do want to walk in truth and harmony, it is simply that simple.

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