Stopping your life… is really instant gratification!

As you go about your day, the one that you are living right now, do not spend time thinking about what you desire. No, big mistake that takes you out of your now.

Just keep working on expanding how you feel right here, right now. When you find your mind wandering bring yourself back to the here and the now. It is in this moment that you can change your life, not in the daydreaming of what can be.  The opportunities to bring the life change you are feeling, only happens with each tiny step we take right now. We must always be mindful of the thoughts we are having right now. It is in this moment that the insights and the means to change exist.

When you feel your expansion slipping, you are in the now and can make the choice to reinforce the expansion. If you are spending the time thinking about the future you have lost all of your power to change when and where things are slipping away from you.  Yet you must participate fully with today to expand, to have the desired tomorrow.

Instant gratification puts you so quickly in the future you lose control on when to change the expansion. When you should be making the choice from your heart. When you are out in the future you can not hear the internal voice guide you through the daily choices that have your expansion come to its conclusion.

So, once again, this is another reason that so many of us are in the life we do not desire to be in, why so many of us yearn to have a life of spirit so that we have the peace and tranquility to carry us wherever we need to go.

Again and again, I see people because of having instant gratification stop living, it is as though they give up. They wake up and say, this is all it is ever going to be. They just seem to give up. I will work until I retire, then I can live the life I want. Yet, they retire and do they live the life they want? I have not seen it. I have seen them slowly wither away to nothing with no spark of the life that once ran through their veins.

Get up, get going, live this life you have to the fullest each and every day. Learn to hear that internal voice. It guides you for each and every thing you need to do in this life. Yes, each and every thing in your life.

Do you agree with me ? Challenge me… waiting to hear from you.  Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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