Stop Using The Physical Eye

closed-eyesThere comes a time in each of our lives when we just have to make the choice – are we going to continue on and be totally unhappy, or are we going to make the changes in our lives that make us smile when we are all by ourselves? Each of us will come to this place.

Too often though, we tell ourselves it is just too much work. When we do that we are really settling down for the process of letting this life come to it’s conclusion so that we can have a do over.

I am sure this is going to upset a lot of people but the Universal Truth is we can live here for 100’s of years. Our bodies have the regenerative power to continue itself for a very long time. It is how powerful our minds are that we listen to the propaganda of aging. It is simply your thoughts, and that you use your physical eyes, to decide what is really going on around you.

This ‘using your eye’ concept is one that gets us caught in the seductive illusion of the world that we live in and on. Our science will be catching up to this aspect very quickly. Some scientists have already and they know that the power of the mind is limitless. They just have not taken the time to test how, when you sit in a feeling and direct that feeling outward, you can easily have that desired feeling become one of your physical experiences.

As I work with my clients and my students I begin the work of how not to use the physical eyes when you are determining the aspects of your life.  In other words, let’s say you are in a relationship, and in that relationship you are telling a story about how the two of you interact. If you look closely at that ‘story’, you will see it has nothing to do with the reality of your experience. So how do you come to the truth for yourself?

You begin to look at how you expressed about the relationship even though your feelings told you otherwise, and you start asking yourself questions about that; questions like, “If this story I’ve been telling is true, then why do I feel so bad so much of the time?”

And because of the power of the mind, you are now dealing with issues that never were the truth, yet your partner might now be showing the signs and acting like what you had described. Or better yet, they are acting as though they are now the wounded party… yet it’s all an act, it isn’t truly felt, you’re simply seeing trained behavior.

That is how powerful our minds are… we can begin to believe any story if we tell it enough times. That is the same when we believe our bodies have to get older, weaker, slower… why?

Begin to ask yourself very poignant questions about who you are, what life in this world is really about. Why have I chosen to be here? Am I truly living on a whim here from some outside source? What stories am I believing that have nothing to do with the Universal Truth?

Ask yourself if you can become the one, true source for yourself. Self… is… Necessary! It has always been that way and shall continue to be that way. It is your choice how you use your physical eyes to direct you in how you live it.

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