Stop trying to get those around you to change

What is the difference between sharing your opinions and expressing your emotions?

This is a subject that seems to be really misunderstood. I say this because I work with and hear people say to me, “I just say what I mean.”

Yet, when I watch people like this in their lives they seem to misunderstand what standing in the truth really means.

Their truth does not seem to match what is going on in the experience. Just because you have an opinion does not mean you share it with others. Opinions are for you to look at when you are contemplating where your opinion and your feelings are not balancing out.

Opinions are a very useful tool when used with the information that, they were formed because of only your experience in a scenario. They are not formed with the over all 360 degrees of information available. So, when expressing your opinion with others it should be remembered it is off of only your experiences and does not mean that all the information was used to formulate a truth.

You will have proof when people look at you and give you a bewildered expression of, ‘what just happened?!

Now, so many people think that it is ok to express their opinions about anything that makes them triggered. Stop right there! If you are being affected it is because one of your emotions or opinions is being challenged. Which means it is not for someone else to change or stop doing, it is about you looking within yourself and seeing what needs to be changed within you .

Yes, it is always about you. Is that not exciting? For the first time ever you realize it is all about you. Once you learn to look at things as a lesson just about you, then you can stop trying to get those around you to change. That is where the battle is lost before you begin. It is not and never has been about changing someone to make you happy.

It is about recognizing that you are totally in charge of your feelings and your emotions. You have no control over how someone else chooses to live their life. Yes, you are in charge, you just do not want to look at what you are thinking are choices you do not or claim can not make.

This is where you must go and tear apart the concepts you hold about the choice you do not want to look at.

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