Gain Power Over Your Life

To you a life change should be undertaking a process to change how you feel about yourself and how you interact in your physical experiences. When you do this, you recognize the power and control you have over your own life. It is when you no longer have the need to control your outside world or those people who are playing in your life.

It allows you to understand why you interact and play with the people that you do. It allows you to choose whether you wish to continue playing with them or not. It is about learning about the titles that you give yourself and others so that you do not hold yourself hostage within the title.

You have gotten lost in the title of people in your life. Instead look at the truth of why you have chosen to learn from the experience that is had by the joint energy that exists by having other people interject in your experience with their energies for their own lessons.

Did you hear what I just said? You and everyone here have lessons to learn. You interact in the most beautiful universal dance. It allows you each to have your own experience without┬ájeopardizing┬ásomeone else’s lesson.

Yes, you heard me. If you are standing completely in truth, the real Universal truth, your life lessons will not hurt anyone else.

This is what a life change is all about. Learning the truth about how this Universe works, how you can control your life experiences without interfering with others life choices. Right now that is not the truth for you. Right now you are trying to control others, living in fear and making choices because of others. Which leads you to feeling you are not in control of your own life.

Yes, due to other’s before you, your life pattern has altered. Yet all you have to do is make the choice to walk in the Universal Truth and begin the steps to understanding where you can begin making choices and learning your patterns so you can change for the excitement of what each new experience can bring to you. The understandings of all the workings of this wonderful Universe.

Write me, call me, talk to me…. make the life change that will affect your feelings about your life!


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