Stop Running from Your Emotions

Why do you go to someone else to try and get yourself out of trouble? Or worse yet, lot’s of ‘you’s’ trying to get someone else to get a person out of trouble. Let me try and explain: I have been watching how when someone makes a mistake they seem to go to someone else to try to get them out of the mess they are in. Have you noticed this?

Well, why is it that you would expect someone else to help you run away from an emotion? That is what your body is responding to when you have what I am terming ‘negative feedback.’ Why is it that you want to get as far away from that emotion as you possibly can? As fast as you can?

It is this very trigger in your body that is letting you know that you should take the time to feel the emotion… let it flow through your entire body. Why, you ask? It is the mechanism that  gets us to see that we have to change a pattern that we keep repeating, if we truly want different results.

When you take the time to look at these emotions you should really be registering all that is swirling around within your being that goes along with the experience. Things like shame, confusion, anger, disgust, pain, hate… all those sorts of emotions that result in you defending your action as the best one, claiming that even though you did not like the outcome, it helped make you the person you are.

Oh yes… this is one of those responses that you make instead of really looking at those emotions and admitting, ‘you know, I really did not like the way I feel about this experience and what can I do differently so that I can really have the outcome I desire?’

Can you see how you can get lost so easily when you defend the icky emotions? They are actually a great tool if you are willing to really look at them closely and determine how you lost sight of the desired creation.

Look at the past, how many times have you had these emotions that you do not want to look at? If you want to start taking charge of your life feel the real power of truth course through your veins. This is truly the way to begin that process.

Look at the real reason you are defending the action. It’s usually so you do not have to feel you did something wrong. Well here’s a news flash… it is in acknowledging and owning the wrong that you can take charge. It shows you exactly where you need to take a little more time before you start your creation. Don’t shy away from those emotions. They are the telling story and clues that will change your life.

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