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How-About-We-Stop-Pretending-Inspirational-Life-QuotesWhat does sharing do for your spiritual walk? Are you willing to begin opening up your heart to the stories that you have told about your life? The very first thing that you must begin doing is simply share your story. So many people that I talk with have so isolated themselves in their very own life. Yes, that is correct. They have friends and family, they work, they even laugh and seem to be happy with their lives. Yet it is that kind of person that comes to me and they are so terribly sad with everything that is going on.

They are the most glorious pretender, they pretend with everyone in their lives. If they even really share with them at all. It is so sad when I begin working with these wonderful god beings. The first thing, and probably the very most important thing, is to learn how not to just fill the air with words, but to really learn how to talk from your heart even if you feel at first the people you are sharing with will take that opportunity to tear at the beautiful heart of yours.

Remember as you learn to share your story, you are going to hear from others how they went through the same life experiences. I bring this up because some of them may be in total contrast from how you feel it went. This is where you do not argue. This is where you begin the process as your own Guardian to begin to break down what choices you made that had you have your experience. This is where you begin to see that each one of you has a totally different experience even though you are walking right next to each other.

As you go into this most beautiful new relationship with yourself, you must learn to share those feelings, those emotions, that make you think that you are bad, not good enough, unsuccressful. These thoughts are undercurrents that will sabotage the physical expression that you are trying to achieve. This Universe, once you begin to realize how it works, is not divine inspiration. It is unique in the fact that it works on mathematical equations. So with each emotion those thoughts that make you feel less than joy and happiness have a vibration and that vibration draws from this unique Universe a physical experience. It is then your process begins of sharing with yourself in the evaluation process on how you made a choice and that choice affected how you then played within the experience.

That is why when you share with yourself what choices you made, how was the experience for you, and would you do so again, are the questions you need to share with yourself each moment of each day. No… it is not too much work. What you will find is that by doing so you make choices to change how you feel about your stories. The clearer you share your story with yourself the quicker you can see how to make different choices which brings you different feelings…. feelings of love and joy.





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