Stop Playing Victim!

stop playing victimWhy is it so hard to ask one’s self the questions to understand why you make the choices you are making in your life?

I ask this question because when you begin to question why you so very much try to hold those outside of you accountable for your current life, you will start seeing the very moment you made a choice to do something that you very well know was not in the least a good choice for you.

As you ask yourself these kinds of questions, you may have a tendency in the beginning to get lost and feel sad, or bad, or stupid or all those kinds of emotions that can tie you up in knots, preventing you from moving forward and uncovering the truth.

That is a great tactic to walk yourself right out of self-responsibility and it has worked for you right up until this moment that you are reading this blog.

It is time you begin to see that to blame someone else is shifting the blame outside of yourself just because you do not want to have an emotion.

You claim “my heart hurts”, but the truth is your God essence is trying to get your attention. Your attention to the fact you have made choices that have brought you the experiences that you are claiming you do not want or desire to have.

Yes, and when you start looking at why you are really mad, or upset, it has to do with your loss of controlling the scenario. Well you lost the control the minute you walked over the choices to stand in your truth and instead chose to play with the people you are playing with that continue the same patterns that you say you do not like to play in.

The first step of gaining control and being in charge of your life is when you stop blaming any one or thing outside of you. You may not want to look at the fact that in the beginning you made the choices to be where you are right now. But question yourself: “Why did I make the choice to be here?” Let yourself ask and answer this question! Otherwise you are simply keeping yourself in a victim role.

Yes, even being a victim was your choice. You must simply follow the treads back to, “what was it I was going to teach myself?”

You most likely will feel the ruffling of feathers at these words. Take the time to find the real truth under that emotion of the ruffling and defending that is going to show up. The truth lays right there… and you will find your freedom and peace. Simply begin the process, just for yourself.

Delrae J. Bantz


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