Stop Denying the Truth

Resentment1You would think it would be so easy just to say, “I am tired of the way I feel about me and my life, I need change.” Yet that change seems to be the scariest thing in your world. Almost so that you will refuse to make the critical changes that will make you so remarkably happy. Why do you think that is?

I have worked with so many people who are in such misery about how they are living, yet when given the choice and the options to make that change they fight tooth and nail to stay some what, sorta, in the very experience that is making them totally miserable! Again I ask you… why are you only taking half steps to get you to change?!

You must really ask yourself why you are afraid to change. That is the most common answer I hear from anyone that does not go right out and make the change.

When I question them about saying, “I can’t” I hear a lot of the time “because it will make the other people involved in my life unhappy.” So then you must begin to look at why you are okay with living a life of being unhappy yourself. Are you really looking, listening, and seeing the other people in your life experiencing joy? You know, the ones you are saying you cannot make unhappy by making your change?

Because if you were really looking you would be seeing that those people were very unhappy as well and they, like you, do not want to take that first step of standing in the truth of what it means to become happy.

So many people become complacent in living in unhappiness that they would rather fight tooth and nail to keep the unhappy than to come to the understanding that they made the wrong choice in the first place. You must look at this part of the fact that you did make the choices and you must see that even while you were making the choices to pick the person or persons in your life that are making you unhappy, you were totally aware of the incompatibility.

You also knew you had at the time a story that told you you would not have anyone else to come into your world that would be better so you choose the one that ‘sort of’ made you happy. You must stand right here in that information. You must look at why you decided not to wait until your heart was full enough with your need for the right person to allow the Universe to make the perfect match for you. Please do not tell yourself “well, this walk has made me who I am today.” That is baloney and you just do not believe that you are the creative force in your own life.

So look at the truth today. Feel the sadness. Don’t get lost in it, just feel it. Let it be the resolve in yourself to help you make the first step for true change and true and lasting happiness.


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